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A new kind of business consultancy — one that is positive and confident you can take small steps and make big impacts in how you do business.

As a future-thinking business you can boost your triple bottom line —

People, Planet, Profit.


Increasingly consumers are looking to businesses to be accountable and transparent in their trading and be a force for good. Business leaders need a clear, differentiated and

easy way to communicate sustainability that inspires action, drives real ambition and reduces costs from the bottom line. Astute management of resources is key to business survival and profitability whilst the increasing demand for transparency and accountability is vital to a strong building reputation. 

Positive Impacts can help you:
Reduce costs by minimising inefficient energy use and purchasing practices
Respond to legislation on sustainability issues more quickly and easily
Enhance reputation amongst your customers, suppliers, and your local communities
Attract staff who are motivated and increase staff retention
Win business from customers, clients and funders

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