We like our clients. They are fun. We meet such a wide array of innovative inspiring people, its hard to not want to tell everyone all about it. These are just some we helped to improve the triple bottom line.
Mayfield Lavender
The Living Well Centre
IHeart Studios
Green Fibres
Bartlebys Brewery
John Peel Centre for Creative Arts
Sebastian Cox
Captain Fawcett
Yurts for Life
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"We found it very useful as often we don’t look at things from the point of view of the greener side of what we do .... It was good to stand back and in coming and talking to us, the pre-thinking was useful in putting what we do under different sections. It would be useful to have an annual touch-point to provide more support or to have reminders to see how one is moving forward on green projects, to keep it at the top of one’s mind.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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